Ashley Furniture HomeStore: Think Before you Buy!

Ashley Furniture HomeStore: Think Before you Buy!

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Ashley furniture HomeStore is located in the United States. It was believed to be one of the best furnishing houses in the country till some of its customers came up with some shocking revelations about its service. However, all these complaints were rejected by the store owners but still the customers are of the view that it has lost its quality over the years.

There have been a lot of complaints against the poor service of Ashley’s. One of the customers’ says that while she was ordering something over a phone call, the representative hung up the call saying there is some kind of network trouble. It was too much humiliating for her and she called back the manager who assured her that she will get an email regarding her order summary, but she never got any till now!

Read Reviews Before you Order!

images 1 Ashley Furniture HomeStore: Think Before you Buy!A customer from Charleston filed a complaint against the store that whatever he received from them was totally damaged. He ordered some furniture sets from Ashley’s and it was more than 2-3 weeks but he didn’t receive the parcel yet. He then himself went to the store and asked the store manager about his order. He saw his parcel lying on the floor of the store but the manager didn’t allow him to open it there. Upon bringing the parcel home, he opened it and saw that everything was broken and damaged badly. His money was ruined and he even tried to file a legal complaint against the store.

Another customer is also very much negative about Ashley’s furnishing store. She bought a set of chairs from them and upon using them for over a month, she diagnosed serious problem with the furniture chairs. The material seemed worn out and also it started to break down from the middle. She was in shock because she bought it with a huge sum of money. She complained it to the store manager and they assured her that they will send workers to pick them all up and will exchange them with new ones. She kept waiting for the day to arrive but no one from the store ever came.

These are some of the few complaints which came in public against the Ashley Furniture HomeStore. However, there are many more complaints against the store which are listed in the reviews and feedbacks as well. So, if you are planning to buy some new furniture sets and accessories from Ashley’s give it a second thought and do not forget to read the reviews or ask your friends who have already bought things from there. Ashley’s have always been on the top in the list of most reputed furniture stores in the US but with time it has changed. So, a bit of research is very necessary before you deal with your money.

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