Negative Store Review On – Furniture Way Less

Negative Store Review On – Furniture Way Less

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Furniture Way Less offer furnitures for the living room, bedroom, dining room, mattresses, and home decorations for lesser the price as compared to other expensive stores in the country. They have greater discounts on all the products.

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Furniture Way Less does not have credit checks for purchasing of furnitures. There are certain requirements that need to be met before availing the finance provided by Furniture Way Less. They need to be employed and need to be in the current job for about six months or more. They need to have gross salary of $1000 per month. The other criteria are the customer needs to have a checking account for about three months. They should have sufficient funds and the overdrafts should not be excessive. There is a charge of 12% which is charged at the time of delivery of the product. There is no interest charged if the amount is repaid within ninety days in full. There is a fixed rate if the product is purchased online. The delivery of the product is done on the same day as per the geographical location of the store in some areas only. Furniture Way Less has been widely popular and appreciated by many customers. They cater to the needs of all the customers that have a huge network through local operations. They provide a wide range of furnitures that are on sale and cover all the basic requirements of a home.


Furniture Way Less always provides special offers. The local website offers the deal of the day which is very popular among the masses. This has popularized the store on all the products available. The program deal of the day offers the product at a low discounted price than the normal price. The specials also include programs like special promos and other close-out sales. The mattresses sold by Furniture Way Less are much lesser than other stores of bedding. The store is able to reduce the prices to the maximum as they suggest that they have not spent much on advertising and middle men. Although the prices are low, the mattress beddings have recently received more complaints. Customers suggest that the mattresses have taken away their sleep as it has become thin and the air has disappeared. This has provided lot of discomfort and has given rise to backaches. Apart from the quality of the mattress, the customers have received the mattress directly from the warehouse which was not sealed. This has raised questions on the quality of the product that is purchased from the store. The delivery of the product as is promised by the store on the purchase. There is no fixed timeline on the schedules of delivery. The guarantee provided by Furniture Way less is not valid as the customer service is unfriendly and unattended.

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