Store Review on Original Mattress Factory

Store Review on Original Mattress Factory

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The Original Mattress Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses in United States. Headquartered at Ohio, it has 11 factories and 100 plus showrooms across various locations. The company sells all its products directly to the customers at its factory stores.

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The Original Mattress Factory was founded by Ron Trzcinski in the year 1990. He earlier worked as President and CEO of Ohio Mattress Company but resigned when the company was sold to investors. Later, he collaborated with few of his ex-colleagues to form his very own venture in the name of Original Mattress Factory. Ron started with manufacturing the quality mattresses his own factory and then selling them directly to the customers without any intervention from the middle agent or third party. This policy soon became the success mantra of Original Mattress Factory and the company started growing tremendously.

In order to sustain a good customer relationship, Original Mattress Factory organizes factory tours for its customers to educate them on how the mattresses are made and what is the right way of buying them. Since there are no middlemen involved in the buying, selling and delivery of mattresses, customer can buy all products at very affordable prices. Further, Original Mattress Factory has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB), which adds to its credibility. Though the company works on providing high quality mattresses on cheaper rates, there have been many customer complaints and drawbacks which have affected its business.

The finishing product look of fine quality but the materials used inside the mattresses are of inferior standards, especially the foam. As a result, the mattresses lose their original shape within a very short time of the purchase. If a customer lodges a complaint or asks for a replacement, the company does not guarantee a replacement in most of the cases. In fact, the company staff is not very helpful when they have to deal with the customer complaints. Consequently, customers end up dissatisfied and discard the mattresses bought from Original Mattress Factory and buy new one from another store.

The Original Mattress Factory specializes in top class mattresses and box springs. The sales staff is responsible for educating the customers in the right selection of products. However, many of them misguide the customer on various occasions, due to which customers feel cheated and have to suffer at a later stage. The customer service staff is quite unfriendly and often refuses to acknowledge the customer complaints or requests. It is better to avoid buying mattresses from Original Mattress Factory due to the poor quality of their products and substandard customer services. Always look for alternate mattress stores, if you can!

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