Avoid Farmers Home Furniture At All Costs!

Avoid Farmers Home Furniture At All Costs!

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On the outside, farmers home furniture seems to be the ideal shop for you buy home furniture. This does not remain same on the inside, however. The store is plagued with bad customer service, rude store representatives, unclear shipping policies, habitual delivery of damaged goods, customer harassment and dissatisfaction.

7 Avoid Farmers Home Furniture At All Costs!

Are you looking to purchase new furniture for your home? If so, be wary of farmers home furniture. This store must be the last resort when it comes to home furnishing. Firstly, what you order is not the same as what is delivered. While the furniture seems sturdy better at the store, it is not the same quality you can expect to receive. They have very poor customer service where the representatives are impolite, rude and do not bother to assist you when they have just delivered a damaged furniture to your doorstep. The trouble is not over yet. There are major replacement delays and the store never keeps up to its word of replacement guarantees.

Did they just offer you a 30 day replacement guarantee? Well, get ready to experience a 90 day waiting period without any follow ups. The customer is made to contact the store multiple times without any valid reason whatsoever. Yet, the stores officials remain unapologetic, offer no explanations for the damages, long waiting periods and make lame excuses for the same. In one scenario, the customer even requested a specific manager by name and yet he was redirected to a rude sales representative who informed the customer that they no longer deal with the brand he purchased.

The delivery services are poor as well. They don’t seem to care about your product and deliver the furniture with bad wrappings. These wrappings seem as though a blanket has been wrapped around your furniture. This will most likely lead to multiple damages during shipping. Also, a few customers were informed that termites had brought about the damages to their furniture. While the delivery crew is very positive about the truck being sprayed and cleaned, they offer no explanations about how a termite infected furniture came out of their warehouse.

If you decide to do some follow up and call the store, you will realize that your file has been put under the rubble and no one seems to care about it. They take several days to track your order placement and even longer to offer a replacement. The replacement provided may or may not be of the same model you purchased. Sometimes, they offer inferior quality materials for extra payments. A Few sales representatives are oblivious to the store principles and do not know how to operate a computer. Avoid this place if you do not wish to be cheated out on quality, delivery and customer services.

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