review of  austin furniture inc

review of austin furniture inc

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  • Selection is one such online furniture store which can hardly serve its customers with a satisfactory deal. Their gallery of products is very limited and they don’t offer anything exclusive. Diverse types of furniture are extremely hard to locate. The website too is very dull and would hardly attract anyone to shop from it. The quality of the furniture isn’t that exceptional and the items are overpriced too.

Furniture stores are one of the most common things that you can easily locate in any commercial area of your locality. While there may be many reputed and established furniture stores in your area, there are some dubious and low-profile stores too. Furthermore, you may also end up making a bad deal even with the esteemed furniture stores too. Hence, it is very important that you judge the offerings of a store wisely before making a deal. The online furniture store –, is just another such disappointing store. There are hardly any positive about the site that one may notice.

To begin with, the very website of the online store seems unattractive and unpleasant. The layout and design of the website is very poor, dull and is sufficient to create doubts in any visitors mind that the site may be illegal. What makes matters worse about the site is the fact that when clicked on any furniture item, the site redirects the visitor to external websites. Wonder if it is at all safe to shop from such an online store.

images review of  austin furniture inc The range of different furniture hosted by the website is pretty disappointing too. The gallery is a very limited one with nothing much to offer. Different types, structures, categories and builds of furniture are missing from the gallery. One can find just the usual furniture’s there. Different types of beds and office tables were hard to locate on the website. Their catalogue is not at all diverse and their customer service too is not at all up to the mark. In terms of quality too, the furniture weren’t that satisfactory.

The online store let’s down its customers in terms of the value of the furniture too. The value (combination of both price and quality) of the furniture seems wary. There are many such items in the website that are way overpriced when compared to their build quality, design and materials used. The chances of making a sour deal are higher with this online store. Moreover, it’s very difficult to locate any unique or exclusive furniture item in their store. Most of their offerings are those commonly found furniture’s in any other furniture store.

Regarding the financing service, the site turned out to be too cunning. Many visitors reported that the site initially made handsome cut downs in their furniture rates as soon as they realized that the customer was planning to avail a financing help. The store intended to make less profit in the furniture sales but planned to make huge gains by lending finances at extremely higher rates of interest. The interest rates of the store were high than that of their rivals too. So, if you intend to purchase furniture online, try avoiding this website or at least, make sure that you take your decisions wisely and make a suitable deal.

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