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Chatham furniture Company has been widely popular in the area of the Savannah for over decades. The furniture store set up has an average area of 48,000 square feet long. They are one of the best and the cheapest furnishing stores in the country.

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Chatham furnitures have all the home furnishings ranging from the rugs to the lamps, all types of upholstery, leather, home accessories and beddings. The store offers products both online and offline. They provide with the best accessories of high quality furnitures at relatively low prices. They have varied high quality furnitures ranging from the bedroom, living room, bedding, and furniture mattresses. They also offer a wide range of home packages. These home packages consist of bedroom sets, living room sets, a set of mattress and a small table. These sets are offered at incredibly low cost with attractive discounts. For Chatham furnitures, this is one of the best selling products and is very famous across the country. The home packages provide a lot of saves to the customer by around 25% to 40% if he would have bought the furnitures individually. They have a streamlined method of managing the inventory. The furniture can be selected from the store or online only which is available. This is shipped on the same day of purchase as it is readily available at the store. For online purchases, they have standard shipping as well as expedited shipping facilities. This is as per the customer requirement.


Chatham furnitures Company also assists the customer by providing finances for the purchase of the furnishings. They have a convenient method of credit check facility that allows most of the customers to qualify for the credit for a period of twelve months. This gives them space to make payments for their furnitures and helps them to own furnitures of their choice. They also have online credit applications which make it easier for the customer to purchase furnitures online. Though Chatham furnitures have been in the furnitures business for over decades they still do not have the professional delivery of goods. They do not keep up the promise of delivering on the same day as they take long time to deliver it to the address mentioned. There have also been instances and records that the goods were damaged while transportation. There were issues regarding the replacement of the damaged products. The replacement of the product took long time as well. There have been reports that the customer was dissatisfied with the services offered by them.

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