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Mama’s furniture is one of the popular online furniture stores that have wide range of collections of exceptional furniture value. The store was set up in the year 1990 with used furnitures. They have very low cost prices with a large selection of furnitures with top brands.

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The goal of mama’s furniture is to provide more furniture at low cost. Most of their customers are repeats and of referrals. The furniture store places prices on the web page only of the in store prices. Most of the customers view the web page ongoing, and hence, the store regularly gets new furnitures with values. Mama’s furniture caters to the likes and dislikes of all customers. They have stylish and classic furnitures. They have furniture pieces of all kinds of famous brands. The store also has stocks displayed on the wallpaper, upholstery fabrics with variety of designs, and patterns. Mama’s furniture is one of the oldest stores and is quite popular in the town. Most of the transactions that are purchased are only COD cash. They also have card facility but there is a percentage charged. They do not entertain by taking checks by the company. There are no returns to be claimed. All products once sold needs to be reported of damage within three days of purchase. They arrange shipping of the product as per quantity of the product and are charged. They only have pick up facility for products that is less than $10,000.

The furniture or products from mama’s furniture can be brought at wholesale prices. Mama’s furniture has duped many of the customers by providing cheap quality products. They have provided services that are inefficient in handling and delivering the products. The customer queries handled by the staff were very rude and were unsatisfying. There have been several instances of customers reporting that they have not received appropriate answers for the delay of the product that has been purchased. With numerous complaints by the customers there has been no change in the customer service. There have been extra charges always on the delivery and handling of the product. They also charge extra for the purchase of the products on weekends or nights. The store does not have new interiors decoration designs, architectural plans, and consultations in home that has made showroom less exciting. The policy of return is not clear as the process is long and tedious. Hence, more time is spent on tracking the money and the product. Usually, the furniture delivered does not match the quality. The model of the furniture looks very stylish in the website and looks made of high quality wood. When delivered the product is made of cheap quality wood and most of the furnitures are cracked or opened.

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