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Signature Furniture Inc

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Signature furniture Inc provides the best furniture at affordable prices. Most of the furnitures that are available in the store are very much appreciated for their style, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Signature furniture Inc is a registered corporation. They are one of the famous distributors of a varied range of home furnishings, ranging from living room furniture, dining, bedroom, and occasional tables, authentic traditional artifacts and lamps. They provide facility to provide valued clientele requirements by expediting orders for customer satisfaction. They have set the standards for home furnishings by having a bench mark and distinguishing by the performance of the business. They offer the best value in merchandise and the best services to the customers. They have the best customer service and strive to set standards in the storeroom by their style, value, and craftsmanship. The range of furnitures can be selected online. They also famous branded products like Bobkona, Veracow, and Simmons upholstery. They provide the utmost and efficient customer satisfaction. The customer has the facility of self pick up as there are no restrictions limited. All major cards are accepted. The first four customers who have opened a new account can avail the facility of cash. The factoring company provides them with Net-30 credit term. There are restrictions for availing the benefits of the factoring company. There is a minimum charge that is charged for delivery and shipping which is paid by the customer. The products or furnishings can be replaced if it is damaged within a timeframe provided by the store. Price changes happen without any notice to the customer. They do not provide any refunds. They also have direct import program. They provide the customers only with household furnishings.


Signature furniture Inc provides discounts on the furnitures that include bedroom, dining, upholstery, occasional lights, tables, and accessories. There have been reported instances of customers complaining about the persistent sales. They are not keen on listening of a denial from the customer. They continuously keep making phone calls to the customer purchase the product. Therefore, it is advisable not to provide the store with any contact number for the telemarketing calls. There have also been instances that customers have reported the sales people have been comfortable resting in the lounge area and were not bothered about the inquiries of the customers. They never advised and assisted the customer. They often are always in a rush and never answer to the phone calls for assistance. The supervisors of the staff also have the same attitude. The reviews at the website of signature furniture Inc are a marketing promotion that has only positive reviews. They always expect that you keep hovering around them with complaints but which is not resolved.

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