Why shouldn’t you Visit Adcock Furniture?

Why shouldn’t you Visit Adcock Furniture?

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Adcock furniture is a relatively small company which only operates in 3 locations. The store features only very few famous brands, so the range of products in the store are also very less. The employees of the store do not have much exposure to international furnishings.

Adcock furniture is a furniture store that operates in 3 separate locations Bogart, Athens and Georgia. The store is in operation since 1968 and so is the design of the furniture sold here. All the models sold here come with just a little difference and many times the models are alike. The store is said to feature only major brands like Lazboy, Thomasville, Broyhill and Tempurpedic so the choice for selection of products remain a constraint and customers are forced to choose the pieces from limited collection.

The store is locally owned and operated so one who visits the store cannot expect a high level of professionalism. The store in the name of social responsibility sponsors local sports team and organize other social activities, all these unwanted acts bring a lot of financial burden to the store and hence the prices in Adcock furniture is also high. The store employs only local people so the staff members in the store are not technically sound and are not able to help the customers on purchase. Many people who visit Adcock criticize that the price of the same brand product is available at less cost in other stores.

Adcock and its Disadvantages

5403  Why shouldn’t you Visit Adcock Furniture?Unlike other national furniture chains that transfer their personnel from store to store, Adcock retains its personnel in the same area. This affects the exposure of the employees in seeking technical knowledge about the styles followed in other parts of the country and they find it very difficult to answer customer queries. It also affects the satisfaction f the employees and it reflects in the service. As the store is locally owned and operated the store features only the designs popular in the locality and there is no space for contemporary designs and other styles of furniture in the store.

The main showroom of Adcock operates in 40,000 square feet yet the space is not properly utilized and the furniture is not displayed neatly, this gives a clumpy look to the store making it appear like a ware house. Closeouts is said to be the special attraction of Adcock which sells the products that are no longer manufactured, yet this closeout space always looks empty and many complain that they could not find what they were looking for. Special buys, which is claimed to feature products that are sold below market price is another place where poor sellers are displayed. Adcock arranges credit options but it is only with one bank, so when customers do not prefer this creditor they cannot avail the credit help.

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